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Deadline for submitting proposals is January 31st 2017.  SUBMISSION CLOSED

Submit online through the conference submission portal at which will be open in September 2016. Submission guidelines can also be found there. The conference language is English (see the information about conference language below) and all submissions should be made in English. Presenters will be subject to the usual registration fee for the conference.


The conference called “Exploring Practice-based Research in Gestalt Therapy”offers a unique possibility for networking, collaboration and elaboration of research projects. It also encourages and stimulates clinicians new to the research field. The conference is addressed to Gestalt practitioners, trainees, and colleagues from other modalities.
We especially welcome submissions that present ideas on these themes:
• exploring research relevant to Gestalt and humanistic therapies
• exhibiting current research by Gestalt practitioners
• addressing issues related to methodology and research design


The program will consist of presentations that address themes related to psychotherapy research. Although preference in general will be given to presentation of completed studies, we also aim to foster discussion of research projects at various stages of development. We wish to underscore that we are particularly devoted to facilitating dialogue among participants. As such, all presentations should allocate ample time for audience participation and discussion.


The official conference language is English. When making your conference submission, please note that presentations are given in English. Please rest assured, however, that perfect grammatical English is NOT a requirement, but being understandable to English speakers is required for presentations. Plenary talks will benefit from simultaneous translation into French and some workshops could be held in French with consecutive English translation being available.


The following descriptions indicate the session formats that are possible for submissions.

Papers are formal presentations submitted by individuals. Papers will be assigned a specific slot by the organizing committee. Presenters can use Power Point for their presentation.

WORKSHOP (90 minutes)
Workshops are designed primarily for applied and practitioner audiences and focus on skill development. A workshop “summary sheet” (overview of the topic) and handouts (if applicable) should be available to participants. Only a limited number of workshops will be possible during the conference. Due to the short nature of these workshops, a pointed focus is desirable.

These will be opportunities for practitioner-researchers to discuss projects with experts for research design, implementation, and analysis. Presenters will be expected to present work in progress (10 minutes) and to identify the aspects for which they want consultation.


Your submission needs to consist of:

1. title (maximum 80 characters including empty spaces)
2. name(s) of presenters
3. abstract briefly describing the subject to be presented; in case of a research project, this would include objective, method, results and conclusions (maximum 1000 characters including empty spaces)
4. short bio of presenter(s) (each maximum 250 characters including empty spaces)

For details follow the instructions at the conference website: when this page is be available in September.

You are invited to present and discuss your research.
We are looking forward to your contribution!


Vincent Beja, Florence Belasco, Gianni Francesetti, Mark Reck, Lynne Rigaud, Jan Roubal

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