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Social event

Registration for the social event of Saturday, May 27

All conference participants are invited to share this evening. We choose an interesting boat to hold our social event but unfortunately we cannot be more than 180 people on board…
In order to book for the dinner/party you must, of course, be registered for the conference. If you choose to bring along a partner who is not attending the conference then you need to make a registration for two persons for the social event and pay accordingly.
The rate is 60 € per person.

For there are participants having difficult times with their living (especially people coming from east european countries, from Nepal or from Greece for example), we set up two categories:

  • one for those who are able to pay the full and normal price (60€) for the event
  • and another one for people (maximum 30) having difficult times (30€)

We trust your sensitivity and willingness to built a fair community and thus we give you the possibility to choose the price by yourself.

Be aware: in case of cancellation, there will be no refund.


Bookings are closed for this event.